Tools and skills for new ways of working

WORKSHOP: Digital Ways of Working – The magic and mechanics

As teams rapidly adjust to collaborating online, there is a need to understand how to collaborate effectively, in order to thrive as a team.

MAKE have distilled their experience working with high-performing teams into an engaging, hands-on 2.5 hour team workshop that includes group and individual activities and introduces practical frameworks that you can start using immediately.

In this workshop, we will focus on the magic of effective online collaboration, regardless of the tools you use. We will guide you through developing your own version of our universal formula for collaboration and teach you processes to evaluate and iterate your ways of working as a team.

This new workshop is part of an online series that MAKE is developing for our clients and partners, which will also include Designing Online Workshops and Online Facilitation Skills.


VIDEO SERIES: Remote working, MAKE-style

MAKE has always collaborated with our team remotely because we are distributed across many client offices in Melbourne and Hong Kong. With our clients (and the rest of the world) reimagining what remote work can look like, we want to share some of the tips and tricks we use to deliver awesome work – near, far, wherever we are!

Part 1: Tips and tricks

We’ve also put together a simple 2-pager with some easy tips to get the best out of working remotely, including ways to keep your team’s culture healthy and strong.


Part 2: Research and co-design

Our second instalment of Remote working, MAKE-style focuses on how we conduct research and co-design sessions when we can’t be in the same room as our clients and the people we’re designing for.

Part 3: Testing prototypes

Testing prototypes remotely opens up some exciting and creative opportunities to use simple digital tools for maximum impact and engagement.

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