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Global Service Jam: Melbourne

The Global Service Jam is a human-centred design-led hackathon. It uses the musical metaphor of “jamming” together, where a team of individuals who are unrelated come together to make great and new music. In a service design jam, the people are the musicians, their experience and imagination the instruments and the music made: novel products and services they could not create alone.

The Melbourne event is organised by MAKE facilitators Kasia and Daniel. Alongside their team, they will use design-thinking methods to rapidly define and refine participants ideas. Moving their ideas from concepts to prototypes. Prototyping is where the magic happens. Prototypes make your concept real in the world.

Jams are about empathy, collaboration and experimentation. They promote co-design and participation. This year’s event has already SOLD OUT, but join next time and stretch your understanding of what you are capable of creating in 48 hours.

Location: Next | 40 Oxford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
Date: 29th March – 31st March
Collaborators: AGL, Academy Xi, NEXT – Reece Group & LUMA Institute.

If you want to find out more about the Service James, visit Global Service Jams.

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Service Design Hong Kong

Service Design Hong Kong (SDHK) is Asia’s conference for innovators and change-makers. Now in its third year, it is an official part of the Hong Kong Governments’ Business of Design Week (BoDW) program.

A must-attend for anyone interested in Hong Kong and the broader region.”
Adam Lawrence, Co-founder, Global Service Jam

The fusion of Design and Technology is radically reshaping business, society and culture. Service Design Hong Kong focuses on the importance of Human-Centric Design practices and how they are applied to humanise technology and create better outcomes for people.